if you have a gift, give it

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Art of Many Teachers

Someone is magnetic their best idea right now. Write a book you comedian hero. It was a black top basketball game at midnight when you told me Jordan was at home practicing his left hand lay up. In the myth the man never slept. Dunked the moon took off from the free throw line showing mad flight control. I know you stayed up late adding serifs to your handwriting like crossover handling speed dribble between the cones when you first heard basketball was poetry in motion. After that night you generaled the offense like you troubleshot Shakespeare's letterpress in secrecy for life support. Did you. Teach him. About the Pony Express? The Broadway night that phantom street... See the thing is, you are a full court press. Elegant cursive. A prayer rotating backwards in the air it was seemingly so. There is art I have found inside of this game. And I am as certain as innovation I am not alone.

Picture from sneakernews.com

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Invoice Idea: I like it!

"Make your invoices work harder: Your invoices hold a key to more sales. It’s called blank space. Use this space for small ads to promote other products and services that your current customers may not know you offer. This works great for fax cover sheets as well."

-Bellingham Business Journal

Can you find the blank space in your paper work.

What is a quote your company lives by?
What is an event your excited about?
What do you look forward to in your day?

You have the answers.

Fill the blank space you find with inspiration, insight, or encouragement. It always works best when your not prepared to find it there. This also shows how much thought you put into your products or services. All the way down to the invoice.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Morning Poem

Is it our virtuous states of precise action that lead and pave through the humidity to health and prosperity. Give blessing.  A stilt twin of trust which you stand on to wipe your towering brow. Thrust in your ability to know all that which is in need is within grasp. Hold on to this for me. I will be right back.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Setting up systems is the key to the city. The city lives inside the forest street. The forest street was named after a tall cedar Jumping Jack. There is a universe-city inside each hula hoop which is inside the tree but only the ants walk it when they make it past the wood peckers beak to see what is inside the caves which are miniature compared to you and I but we scale down easy because our brains are big and our minds work well to concept that. Are you still with me here? We run on sentences because we footnote pathways. Tree fort was a team work at its ellipsis when our continuations our entire continents fell in love with her eyes like the domino effect. No mater where I start writing I can always make it to this light house which resembles the tree where the hula hoops swing circling their center which resembles the beam. A lantern which is searching for ants because when you scale them up they are work horses with houses living inside each hour, tough enough to gallup stripe patterns across the peppermint factory and we all wanted to be that kinetic with our wonder bar mile marks. We all needed that push at one point. That push was key...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dear Mechanics,

As long as your focused on fixing; there will be broken things. There is love in putting parts together. There is love in connecting pieces and hearing a snap. There is love for that engine there. You don't always fix because its broken. Deep down in your socket wrench you know that you are not fixing, but creating, and this is why it tightens you. Perception is but a shift key, and down stroke keyboard working wonders... Dear Computer Technicians...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chapter Book

Life feels like a chapter book.  Chapter Self is winding down and Chapter School is about to start. Got me a Google Calendar and new pair of slacks. Got me a flash drive and a mind I can trust. The gears are in line, where I put them, for where I knew I would once run towards in full sprint. This book is designesque desk long day long take care of yourself out there. You make it look so easy this living. May I join you out there on your picnic blanket fastened to a Sawyer Raft.