if you have a gift, give it

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Art of Many Teachers

Someone is magnetic their best idea right now. Write a book you comedian hero. It was a black top basketball game at midnight when you told me Jordan was at home practicing his left hand lay up. In the myth the man never slept. Dunked the moon took off from the free throw line showing mad flight control. I know you stayed up late adding serifs to your handwriting like crossover handling speed dribble between the cones when you first heard basketball was poetry in motion. After that night you generaled the offense like you troubleshot Shakespeare's letterpress in secrecy for life support. Did you. Teach him. About the Pony Express? The Broadway night that phantom street... See the thing is, you are a full court press. Elegant cursive. A prayer rotating backwards in the air it was seemingly so. There is art I have found inside of this game. And I am as certain as innovation I am not alone.

Picture from sneakernews.com

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Invoice Idea: I like it!

"Make your invoices work harder: Your invoices hold a key to more sales. It’s called blank space. Use this space for small ads to promote other products and services that your current customers may not know you offer. This works great for fax cover sheets as well."

-Bellingham Business Journal

Can you find the blank space in your paper work.

What is a quote your company lives by?
What is an event your excited about?
What do you look forward to in your day?

You have the answers.

Fill the blank space you find with inspiration, insight, or encouragement. It always works best when your not prepared to find it there. This also shows how much thought you put into your products or services. All the way down to the invoice.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday Morning Poem

Is it our virtuous states of precise action that lead and pave through the humidity to health and prosperity. Give blessing.  A stilt twin of trust which you stand on to wipe your towering brow. Thrust in your ability to know all that which is in need is within grasp. Hold on to this for me. I will be right back.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Setting up systems is the key to the city. The city lives inside the forest street. The forest street was named after a tall cedar Jumping Jack. There is a universe-city inside each hula hoop which is inside the tree but only the ants walk it when they make it past the wood peckers beak to see what is inside the caves which are miniature compared to you and I but we scale down easy because our brains are big and our minds work well to concept that. Are you still with me here? We run on sentences because we footnote pathways. Tree fort was a team work at its ellipsis when our continuations our entire continents fell in love with her eyes like the domino effect. No mater where I start writing I can always make it to this light house which resembles the tree where the hula hoops swing circling their center which resembles the beam. A lantern which is searching for ants because when you scale them up they are work horses with houses living inside each hour, tough enough to gallup stripe patterns across the peppermint factory and we all wanted to be that kinetic with our wonder bar mile marks. We all needed that push at one point. That push was key...

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dear Mechanics,

As long as your focused on fixing; there will be broken things. There is love in putting parts together. There is love in connecting pieces and hearing a snap. There is love for that engine there. You don't always fix because its broken. Deep down in your socket wrench you know that you are not fixing, but creating, and this is why it tightens you. Perception is but a shift key, and down stroke keyboard working wonders... Dear Computer Technicians...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chapter Book

Life feels like a chapter book.  Chapter Self is winding down and Chapter School is about to start. Got me a Google Calendar and new pair of slacks. Got me a flash drive and a mind I can trust. The gears are in line, where I put them, for where I knew I would once run towards in full sprint. This book is designesque desk long day long take care of yourself out there. You make it look so easy this living. May I join you out there on your picnic blanket fastened to a Sawyer Raft.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mission Statement

Write you mission statement in poetry. The document should inspire you. There is a reason nobody goes back to read something so dry and wilted. Be graceful today.

Monday, August 8, 2011


word of the day

The condition of knowing you have brilliant ideas inside of you. 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

An Elment(air)y Poem

Earth the young unmoved rounding my mountain
man the Fire the men in the sweat lodge
Water I have found an invitation from your address
Air you were here, here all along

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Question of the Day

When does a story become Inspirational? Yes, a story. Yours or one you hear. One that sticks with you forever. One you have in your pocket in case the situation calls for it. Does it involve over coming fear or anxiety? Does the story evolve over a length of time or is its strength found inside a syllable? Is it a serene feeling or are you doing your Lambeau Leap? When does a story become inspirational? When you look back on it you will say, "it has been that way since the beginning!" Don't you see what we are doing here?We're learning to concentrate on the best parts of life, as often as we can.

       Photo by: Aly D

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MUSIC THEORY a guitar player

A good guitar player can strum a few chords and keep a rhythm. A great guitar player will play the exact same chords and the keep the exact same rhythm but he knows when to let them ring and open them up and how to bend and fit them individually into the small spaces. He channels a particular sound or plays along with another musician. He listens to the sound he makes alone and to the sound others are making if there is more than one musician. He has the ability to hear the sound he makes but also to hear the sound of the music as a whole. He respects the level of the other musicians. In a band there are layers to music so it is his job to find his layer to create harmony. He is not embellishing the music. The music is embodying him. When he put his instrument in its case or on its stand the instrument does not stop playing, nor does he stop playing it, nor is it a break, nor is there silence. A song is being written as we speak.

You gotta know Marty!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Airpine Crows Nest Poem -unfinished-

Take your abakiss and count your benedictions and place your eggshells in a carton and walk barefoot on polar caps carrying the cartoon. Take the magneedle out of your sewing kite and stitch a sentence on your long cuffed sneeze. “Bless you child.”

Blessed be the sky full of holes and the holes full of hearts and the cactus skin that protected the life of the dessert from all the pricks... 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Work Night

Catch up on things.

Plan them out.

Discuss with others.

Dinner for ++++++...

Themed Music Today (Country)

Pick a day of the week. Do something as a group! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Laws of Performance

From the final chapter.

"The essence of mastering any discipline or set of new ideas is approaching the new ideas without preconceptions seeing them from what they are by themselves and then creating from them."

"(Masters)... think from the principles of their field. This is very different than thinking about the principles."

If you want to be a better                  . Master something new. Understand the principles. Apply them.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Advice Column

In Music notes have a relationship with one another.

In Poetry Words and Phrases also have relationship with one another.

A Job Well Done could be explained as a Stronger Bond being made.

Note to note. Word to word. Person to note. Word to Person.  Person to person.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Casting Call

I often found myself thinking
And she was the color of the sun that day

Through an overcasted call
Read before a paprika booking agent

Diving into the words like a settler looking for soil
Read from her heart the sound of apple trees

A twisting plot lathered storm inside of her
This is what the script has born

Hers and hers after
We will skim water inside a colander before it drains

With our longest ladle
It is all we know about the magic she liquefies

She finds it moment to moment
And therefore is true to her

Monday, July 25, 2011

Food for Thought

I am making a poem exercise from scratch.

1. city - open the bag
2. fact - cut the words
3. quote - said it so well i never needed to write it down to remember
4. idea - hey do you want to go to the mixing bowl
5. color - don't just describe me, get to know me - are we preheated yet
6. wish - found a penny today underneath my timer
7. myth/story - seaweed hair she
8. person - brothers and sisters and friends its smelling good in here
9. body part - hands and hearts and eyes set the table
10. connection. tie back to -  where do we go from here. not that we are filled with this

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Set List

Turtle joke
Walrus Joke
Archetype Pt 1 - Green and Moon (alternate ending)
Yellow Cup
Count on me PoemSong Capo Guitar 7,2,5
Blog Poems
- Fish People into
- Did You Know on a Thursday Morning... into
- Laying Track into
- Transformation
Language is for Listeners
If You Ain't Got Love (cover) - Mason Jennings

http://cedarowl.tumblr.com/page/2 :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Bluesman Says

No more blues songs left to belt this belly of lead
No more loops of poison we've come past and through that part

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Like Riding A Bike

Its not everyday I get to run into somebody who's never used the internet. I can count the number of people i've met on one hand because of how rare it is in the places I spend my time. Introducing someone to a search engine is on the top of my list of underrated expirences. On the right of your screen there is a white rectangle with the words "Seach.Your.Self." below. I know this is rudimentary but, do you know what goes in there? ANYTHING YOU WANT

When I was 13 years old my best friend and I were filled with antisipation while waiting around joking and checking and rechecking the loading bar. And do you know what we were looking up? "Barspin BMX flatland trick how to video!"  Or "Tailwhip BMX Flatland," which is just a variation from what we previously looked up even though we had the power to look up anything we could think of. We'd watch the trick over and over and over. Then hop on our bikes ride 35 feet down the driveway into the culdisac and attempt greaness!

Bar Spin: Stand on your back pegs while maining a creeping speed. Lean back to lift the front wheel, your right hand holds the saddle of the seat while your left hand swings the handle bars 360. Catch with same left hand then lean forward to land.

Tailwhip: Much harder. Go head, put it the box! Times landed between the two of us 1.

Everyday we'd wake up and go back and forth from computer screen to culdisac. Cuputer screen to culdisac our eyes in a deep study to see if we could catch some small tecnique that we had missed. Like scientist in a testing lab we never got sick of refining, and reflecting. For a few years as boys this was our calling.

It's funny to think about now. Every single day we'd put a variation of what we had looked up the day before into that box. It's not about BMX anymore, it was figuring out how to use persistance and cuppling that with resilence that really paid off. A recipie!

So im curious. What do you type in there? And what do you do with it?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The greatest ideas of all time. Are your ideas.

The greatest tools are inside your tool box. They require your skill set.

The greatest speed is your speed. It is your time.

The greatest day is this day. This place.

You don't become great. You be great.

Becasue you are great!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Green and Moon

Listen for the future Green Grass
The Green River is only a jump skip away
Ain’t that right Grasshopper
You emerald boned key hole skin feather hair washbucket burning banjo yarn
You caddy shack smile bold fairway chest rooster
Hand me a flat iron a crumpled up heart and a hard place
stuck between a poem and spring coil Grasshopper.

There is a leap of faith somewhere in there.

On flat top trimmed roof the pigeon couriers kept a rosebush
Can you see the thorn polarity in your crow hop dance land swanmaker
Its your eyelash rising submarine light seeker
That saw glimpses of music in squirt bottles the whole sha-bang
Fresh globe growing circular like the moon sleeping naked
It’s probably why the ice caps are melting
To make room for her safe landing rest
Like the night she sung meteor showers back into the shower head
It was a polka dotted lily pad out in pond water dreaming of a surf
A mile high lap guitar for plateaus to play fringe skirt and swing
When the moon howled into a den of wolves
Then returned to the sky

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gift Idea: A Poem

Best Gift you can give a poet is a poem. One you've written.

2nd best gift a book of poems with your favorite one circled inside and a note on the inside cover.

3rd best gift. Who in their right mind would give the 3rd best gift? I mean honestly!

Side Note. If i could make a living off of selling blank journals because the poetry revival dream had been fulfilled and there was so much demand for blank space to be filled... I would.

Read this today. You should not paint over the existing painting. Your picture (vision) must start with a blank canvas! - Agreed.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Place Worth Checking Out

Location: Port Townsend, Washington

Coffee House: Better Living Through Coffee  www.bltcoffee.com

Live Music: Yes, nylon string guitar

Coffee Rating: Purple Cow

View: Waves Drift Wood Beach Sky

A questions to ask one self: (Go into this. Go full as you can. This is for you! ) 

Has the way you work on your Projects/Self/Best Idea changed over the last six months?

Yes. I work in 20 minute increments setting a small grey kitchen timer.

I can rephrase. "The Long Haul," turned into "I am unafraid of the long haul," which ended up being "I Haul for Free"

I have discovered working in multiple speeds. Slow Motion, Casual and Comfortable, and Performance or Best In the World

I have uncovered that environment can enhance ability to create. Uncomfortable environment has become an opportunity for the mind to sharpen focus.

Inspiration always leads to action.

There are many ways to skin a book.

Reading out loud to someone is top notch rewarding. I recommend and encourage it!

Reading the same book with someone who live across the country causes closeness. Who woulda thought?

If you need a great idea. Let one come to you. Ps. There are hot spots!

Never, Ever, Not Ever Don't do it... Let the opportunity to share gratitude pass you by!

Dear friends and family,

Thank you for sharing this blog with someone close to you because it has moved you in some small way. A shift in yourself is worth 10,000 skips mirror pond won the rock contest and made "Bolder, Colorado" feel buoyant for a second. Life, the greatest gift on earth with free shipping. It's what we do here!



Friday, July 15, 2011

Heart of Gold

There are Two ways to Dig for gold. Go in your back yard with your snow shovel and 49ers Jersey and start Whomping into the ground.


Sit down with your notebook draw the future do not stop till you hit your focal point, if you do not hit your focal point. DO NOT STOP!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


A) Net Worth = Self Worth
B) Fishing Works = (2Discovery) = Self x (8 Sideways) = Infinity
C) Fisherman = Learnerman = Self  / Self = h(om)e
D.) 2Fish / Sea = Man + Woman / (Discovery)  = Child
E.) Child > School = (Learnerman  x 100% Self)
F.) Child / ( Man / Woman) > Discovery
H.) Sea = People = Cyclists
I.) All of the Above

Circle what you like :)
        Yes, that is a metaphor.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Language is For Listeners

Usually I collect the sea
I woke up in a quiet room big windows in a long house
Every time I cross pastures with a field surrounded by trees I get goosebumps
I have a standoff with the open spaces
Where the North Forest opens up into her meadow you will find me
For a long time I stand on her outskirt
Then walk to somewhere out in the center
Take my look up and around try to see back through and into the forest wall
From a pinpoint I slow spin like lazysuzan passing the salt shaker
Polite to use what I am taking in

After I've tossed the sea over my shoulder in a burlap sack
I walk into the forest where the trails stretch on like a galaxy act
I trade stories with her
A footprint for a footprint
A hand print for a smile
A smile for a smile we laugh together a good listener that giant

But when i hit the open air
Stop in my tracks
Quit showing off my sea and my stories of "over there"
I can finally remember what it feels like to arrive
A good trail in a forest will have a look out point or the place I'm talking about
The best listeners in the the world have stood in this spot
It's why its quiet here

There is a rule of thumb: I've heard it on a broken record 
"Give full moon attention to receive full moon attention"

The real secret is this: The forest is always giving it's full attention to you. All you need to do is ask. Put it out there in the open. Even when it doesn't feel right the forest will find a way to slow you down so it can speak to you. Be your best listener. Finding a thought that feels like "Yes!" is important. Often times the subtle adjustment is all that is needed  in order to keep your focus.

If you have a Gift, Give it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MEMORY IS FUTURE CREATIVITY - learn to draw upon and from your beautiful mind

Read this: Moon Walking with Einstein. Read the first page if that raises your pompadour you picked the right honey.comb.tooth today!

Follow up reads: Your Memory How It Works and How To Improve It by Kenneth L. Higbee. I am still on the first few pages this is what has come of it so far.  "When someone says I want to improve my blank. He can not be given a useful answer until he makes his question more specific."

Improve my Improve.
Improve my Friendship.
Improve my Free Time.
Improve my Down Time.
Improve my Excitement.
Improve my Solitude.
Improve my Counter Culture.
Improve my High Note.
Improve my Ankle Support.
Improve my Asking.
Improve my Unlocking.
Improve my Resilience.
Improve my Creativity.
Improve my Memory.

fill your blank

A Prequel: Use Both Side of Your Brain - Tony Buzan (mind mapping)

On Deck: ThinkerToys

A Goal: Sustained Creativity

Believable: Yes of Course!

Monday, July 11, 2011

KEEP WRITING POET. i am here to cheer you on.

Write poems be your poet. Call it metaphor never mediocre or what have you. Never came back to drifters and a cool breeze. Always better a wind breaker to put back before going outside prepared for sunshine. Sunday- the day of sun. East facing entrance, always east. Into the rising of a dehydrated dark curtain I can call it something better than that. Its makes since to me. Drop being polar opposites and enjoy yourself in odd situations often enough to gain inner-ance. Effort is a great key to have on your ring janitor. There is an engine no motor oil but its slick like that nightingale. By the time you hit REM your RPMs will be purring.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fish People

A sturdy 1st step is always gratitude. Align the stars.
The 2nd Pillar
The 3rd Column
The 4th Edit
The 5th Sighant
The 6th Realignment
The 7th Lucky Break
The 8th Ounce of Encouragement
The 9th Round of Excitement
Break free from expectation
There is no juggling act in the circus
Re-Established since Right Now
The tight rope wide as the summer
The lion never bit another man
Strong as ten best memories pandoras box
Side-show you are a comfort area
A landing zone with open arms
Ring of fire a warm place in my heart
Play target practice with my flame
It is bright blue, deep and round
If MC Escher had found the ocean
Dipped a paint brush the size of Texas
into its mouth and drew mountains
leading back up around and into each other
To find watercolor
A swimming hole
Introduced it to Fish People
Said, "Trust me on this one.
You're gonna wanna call this home."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Found It

Found it. Found what I was looking for. When the sun is out I want to basketball. I fought myself. Put the computer by the window. Showed my self a stack of words I was proud of. Made a date with my desktop a promise I've made that has grown itself to sit on my shoulder swing its legs legs like a tall chair and whisper in my ear about dreaming again. I've only seen Matt three or four short times and each warmed my reason. I had no idea when I got up that it would be him today to tell me something I needed to hear. I wanted to give myself some space to listen to his anecdotes, its how I study now. Building up. The inspiration to fuel efficiency makes work feel like continuity perfect origami with stock heavy construction paper and waala. Off to safe place. The filing cabinet my heart keeps when it finds something wonderful in the poetry of language. A fisherman I have become. A miner. And a dreamer.

The other night we were eating at the bar and I was able to describe an editing process that wasn't of any use. It's when the words come out perfect the first time. I am here now. Sending post cards like salutations sun shining through the window thinking about hoop dreams and all that came before I knew them and all that is coming after. No edits here. Not needed today. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Did you know on a Thursday morning you can change lives with a smile that loud

Let's change some lives, in our lives.
Let us change some lives, in our lives.
Let's, change some lives during the course of our lives.
Change for the best and for the better.
For the better best. For one more silly smile.
For one more pun joke and tap dance. For one moon on one more night.
Till we are again standing on the cliff of the clouds with our world tipped up and our palms out.
See the shoreline swallow one more fish wave. There are no breaths left.
We breathed them all. I've breathed them all and you've breathed them all too.
All we have all we got given all we collected during our busy and bottomless days
all we hoped for all we drew in all we fell in love for.
We got those Checklist. We got those!
We got miles on our walking sticks. No grips left on the handle bars of our tread worn bicycles.
I've helped you fix your flats and you changed my chain links.
I am only as strong as my best words in my best voice.
Let me say to you cornerstone, home plate, warm bed.
"We made it!"
You help me do everything I am.
Showed me the world on its prettiest day.
I need no music I got song in my head.
It's easy to make friends with a strangers when you are glowing inside enit?
I took 10,000 pictures of 10,000 people that day.
Licked 10,000 envelopes with two words inside.
Thank You.
The message so recognizable that even when its spelled out of order you can understand it.
Thats how wonderful its meaning is. I mean that. :)
 htank oyu : aknht uoy : kthna you

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tricks of the Trade

Rate your day before it starts. Use big round numbers. Touch the sky. Walk with a purpose. "Yes" is a great answer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Appreciate (synonyms) hold dear, care for, respect, prize, cherish, value, take account, measure, treasure, revalue, prise, send word, give notice, advise, notify, instruct, ...Conduct. Be electric with me. In your tesla coils. There is a current riding switch in your power lines getting happy like bravery. Rolling up its sleeves. Its warm inside. E = Mc Squared but all i know to matter is light.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Laying Track

Frame each thought match the matting the glass is clear, on an empty wall find a spot that buttons like your best shirt. Your Bright eyed-dea looks good on you, I am not just talking about objects or imagery, you’re doing something greater than yourself by following the train-thought.

Monday, May 9, 2011


I can not fail
I will not fail
Failure does not exist

I can not fail
Because failure does not exist
It is not possible to fail

Success is the light I bring
It is my self appointed job to harness the light
Success is to share myself
Which is to share my gifts

I will not give up on this
because giving up does not exist
Not for this reason
I do not see any trace of it in you either
which means to me that I have no trace of it in myself

I have learned to release and I am thankful for it daily

I like it here.
The way forward is a breath
Deep as your eyes
you see, a way through yourself into me

Follow your heart around this town
And I shall example you

Monday, May 2, 2011

Three Kinds of Creation

This is an adaptation from the book Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind.  I wanted to expand on the ideas to what i was thinking when i read the passage. This is both the passage and my own thoughts together.

The first is to be completely aware of ourselves when we finish our painting. During the process of our painting we are absent to ourselves and to our surroundings, we don't even realize that we are painting. We don't even realize we are playing basketball. We don't even realize we are driving. We don't even realize we are reading out loud. We just paint. We just shoot. We just drive. We just read. We are just there. That is the first step in creation. When you are there and everything else is there; everything is created all at once.  Everything emerges. The color, the feeling, the light, the brush, your hand, your eye, the room, the wet and dry, the smudge, the road, the sound, the ball, the net, the fire, the breath, the shape, the wind, the tree, the drum, the plant, the buzz, the ripple.

It all merges from nothing.

The second kind of creation is when you act, or produce or prepare something like french toast or a smoothie.

The third kind is to create something within yourself, such as education, or culture, or art, or achievement, or love or some system for our society.

So there are three kinds of creating, but if you forget the first, the most important one, the other two become meaningless.  Usually people work very hard on the second and third kinds of creation. That is why we have so many problems in this world. When we forget the fundamental source of our creating we become lost.

Why don't they just call it the Find Bin? :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Master Key System

Concept of the Day:  "Basic Mental Principles of Thinking"

"Circumstances in Environment follow ---> Spiritual Progress

Growth follows ------------------------------> Knowledge

Action follows ------------------------------> Inspiration (Hello Bird)

Opportunity follows ------------------------> Perception "

Friday, April 8, 2011

Water Drum

In the land of a lake
Above the bow of a dive
Lived a jack of all trades
In search of a tide

On the last of the leg
Below the shelf on the street
Walked a candle museum
On the tips of his feet

Over the canvas of trees
Aside the jar of missed dreams
Sat a colony of toys
Handmade by the sea

In the palm of his leaf
Lay a kid who could crawl
Made out of blocks
Living life in ball

Though the crisp of the breath
On a cold kicking night
Rode a cowboy on bicycle
When the wings took their flight

It was the cusp of a sound
The rake in the pull
When it showered down stars
And the eyes were so full

When he had his idea
Holding lanterns with deer
On the wave of the moon
And the lake was a mirror

Monday, March 28, 2011

Below the light of the lamp

A boy was hiding out under the kitchen table.
Had on him a head of gavels.
Held two pencils, two pens,
smiled four brushstrokes when he winked at ya.
Drew on the underside that wooden table.

Lived in a stacker-house made of pallets and crates.
Knife, blue, spoon, and forklift.
Built the mouth a rivers tongue, pierced and plugged it.
Pulled chains with oxen.
Took a breath stroke from the front of his pickup
escaped through the potato peeler
on the back of a frog,
on the bugs in the night.
Caught a cold sleeping in a spiders web.

Spider said, “kill me for spring rain and your dying watering holes bucket wish, for growing carrots on the deep end of a diving board, as deep as the wind of a fishcatcher pulling strings with an ironing rod to brand secrets and sailor knots on the back of a child’s oyster dome.  So he will not forget me when my eight legs are gone. I love him much.“

Come thumb dandelions on the side road of a hitch hike.
Watching from fishburn up through your sunkiss,
down past your tiger eyes, glowing inside a concert hall.
Will call for the whiplash of binocular hands
who have dreams about visionary candlewicks
holding on for a skinny dip of wax, or the circulation of a bloodstem.
Catch that boy.

Catch him with his head in whip cream clouds squinting airplane propellers.
Reaching out for a bundle of fugitive balloons like a bouquet of doorbells.
There is a city inside each green helium tank,
inside each cross legged sitting machine,
all coiled up and in searchlight of spring.

When standing on the roost of a suspension bridge
remember, it’s a great time to suspend time.
Watch miracles within each collapsing wave
die down to rise back up like a oven mitt chuckle.
Say it in a slice of berry pie,
“Please bring me,
the font of a footprint.
The bark on the trunk of standing water.
The breast pocket of an empty cup.
The plum on the windmill
playing dodge ball in the cherry orchard.”

Under the kitchen of the table
below the light of the lamp
slept a boy with a head full of fist marks
and a heart full of
bright, surrendering,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The First Native American Pro Road Cyclist

"When I asked Cole House about the fact that he is the first Native American Pro Road Cyclist, his response was simple: “I had thought that, but I wasn’t sure. I know that I haven’t really heard of another pro cyclist in road racing.” Part of me thinks that he didn’t want to make a big deal about it, but he obvious recognizes the importance of him being Indigenous and a professional athlete. It begs the question, how can these humble quiet guys dig so damn deep?" - hands down the best paragraph i read today!

Dear Cole, 
Hope all is well down in Tuscan! Can't ride in Oneida during the winter or what? Who's gonna tend your fire? Today, I had the idea to google you for the first time. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. Anyways, great timing! Read a few articles and interviews about your career. I liked the one where that guy tracked you down, because he always imagined an indian runner on a bicycle, and then there you were. All that reading got me to thinking about riding down the hill in front of your house as fast as we could go. Then I remembered I'm about a half a football field behind. Oh, then there was Norbert Hill woods, I'm on a black magna and your on a red and white Trek. Your smiling and chuckling every turn and burm while I'm holding on for dear life. But, I don't care who you are. That's fun! 

Im starting a new small book project called The Gift Book. The idea came to me yesterday so I wanted to extrand on it and decided to go through a workbook called ShipIt by Seth Godin. The book is designed to ask questions so you can have a clear idea of your project, examine all the pitfalls and ladders, then direct the project into clear writing, so that, your project can come to life. The question that stood out the most: What does perfect look like? "the perfect gift book has to redefine gifting. It's a reference book and a reference point; meaning people can point to it because it is the best possible way to explain the idea that simply says, I went out of my way to inspire you" 

Out of all the people I know, and I met you the day I was born. So behind my mother, grandmother, your mother and my father, your arguably between the 5th or 6th person I was introduced to. And even though I'm still finding out more about  your story, and have met so many lessons in between. You're the person I can point to when I talk about going out of your way the farthest because of what you allow yourself to believe in. I don't know if you hear that enough from places outside of yourself, and it probably doesn't matter all that much because the voice you are listening to must encourage you often.  But I promised myself long ago, I would say it when I see it, because I do know that I am augmented when I make that connection. You live that. It must be the same thought that prods you while you ride and ascend distance. I can only imagine how audible the ideas are then, or what perfect looks like during those rides. And the feeling that follows a finish line. 

Yawanko for permitting your path and sharing with us. There is great medicine in you! 

          Your friend, 

Thursday, March 17, 2011

speak txt poetry

Wed, Mar 16 9:24 pm
Short grain rice never 
felt so, many 
like the world shaking and 
people go away

Wed, Mar 16 9:29 pm
There's a candle on my table
on my black table in a wine bar.
But but but there's a candle on all tables
And and and our center pieces
our aligned, a-lightened, spots of guidence
if if if oh only...
... and.

I know it will arrive.
When her smile glowshines like Tabletop Mountain
from afar a ways away.

At some point in every rest area
if your looking just right,
the table will hold the sun.

I know now, right near we've both
spent tall and and good years looking around out there.
And you know what
we did see that line that that beautiful line up.  

I think there's plenty more of that coming.
It's what my whole, my pieces, are telling me.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Poetree Man

When I ask my body what it wants
It tells me rest
So, I ask my heart if it agrees and its says, “no”
Heart needs words so I write words
Heart needs air so I hale words
Heart needs life so I light words like
A poet inside a credo
Casting prisms on the scratches of stained glass 
In the belly of a barn
Been cooped up and tied down
By my own limbs and limerick
Watching trees drink wine in a windstorm
I ask my body what it wants and it says, “to sway”
So, I ask my heart if it agrees
And it says, “no, stand strong”
Like a cordless phone on low battery
Calling friendship from a gray sky and balloon sale
When the signals lost
I can still hear your voice inside my halls
A direct line to bright iders
Laying stepping stones in echos
A Japanese garden tune
I don’t ask any more questions here
And I like to visit

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Writer Vs. Author / Poet + Bestseller

It's time to get specific on our craft. If you know how to use the 24 letters plus the 14 punctuation marks that make up the english language. You are a writer! Consider yourself one. Writers may write notes, letters, books, articles and literary pieces. In order to become an author, your own ideas must be published. An author is the originator of the ideas, the storyline, plot and may then choose to copywrite. 

Poetry defined by about.com is "an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through, meaning, sound and rhythmic language choices so as to evoke an emotional response. Poetry has been known to imply meter and rhyme, but this is by no means necessary. Poetry is an ancient form that has gone through numerous and drastic reinvention over time. The very nature of poetry as an authentic and individual mode of expression makes it nearly impossible to define. "

Poetry is an exercise and ultimately a practice. A great writer understands how to identify where the poetry is in the paragraph or sentence. If there is none. He decides how he is going to put it there, and where the best point of entry is. After he has made the new marks, the last decision is to see if the poetry adds or subtracts from the overall meaning. Poetry being authentic and individual by nature has the ability to change the entire course of a presentation. This is dangerous, but like fire it is awesome. One of the best uses of poetry is when it is in the role of being a connecter piece or bridge. When you take that piece out of a paragraph or sentence it can usually stand on its own. Yet, the lines are lifeless. The air is out of the body. There used to be a lake here, now its all dried up. 

It is my personal belief that if the writer does not understand "time" or "pace" and creatively put these concepts into use. The words may read like Ben Stein found some legal documents and is trying to sound out the letterhead. 

Timing is: When do we cut the other scene or topic? When is new character introduced or exit a room? When do i pop in with a punchline? When do i reiterate; without being overkill? 

Pacing has to do with engagement. It is the writers job to engage the reader not the verse visa. Poetry has beats per measure or cadence. This is not the same as meter. Think of a paragraph. At first it is too long, or too short, or too weak. You are not saying what you want to efficiently enough. Therefore it is not effective enough. You have a length in your head of how long you want it to be. Hold true to that length. Do not be satisfied with your work until you can get the information into that space. Be relentless and creative about this point. If you want great writing that is. 

Ever read a joke book with the words 101 in the title? There's two good jokes in that book the others I laugh at because how bad they are. It's sad really. 

Move me. As a reader. Call me to action. Push me to look at myself and my surroundings. Make me feel thankful. At ease. Give me piece of mind. Give me hope. Show me an open door. Prove to me it works. Tell me the trick is. Share an observation. Pull an emotional string. Prop open a button. Use your key. You are a writer. You know more about your craft, about your life, about your experience than anybody else in the universe. Use it to your advantage. 

This brings us to bestseller. It takes only one other element in order to be a to be a bestselling author. Im gonna go out on a plank here and say you need to know how to sell. Sell. Such an evil word isn't it? Only because we've all, every one of us, has seen it done in the worst and most irritating ways imaginable. Think of everything you've bought because you simply loved the idea of it. What it stood for. What it meant to you. As a person. How you kept adding value to it; even if others did not. It was yours. It influenced your mind and your life. It kept your attitude up and you wanted more of what ever it was. That book that saved your life because it was sturdy enough to puncture you and heal you at the same time. Brought you the prospective you'd been husking for. Told you how much you meant to yourself. Sold you on that idea right there and then. Your better life is not in a bottle of shampoo, but inside that beautiful mind. Each thought sprouts an idea. What does the idea sprout? You tell me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Be a Journalist

This means write down your ideas. Simple. That's all it means.

You don't have publish or print or share or edit.

Know that your building a pile of gold. And if gold isn't cool enough for you, or your not into that sort of thing. Know that your building a pile of exclamation points/ an ellipsis with orion's belt loops/ a mound of pictionary/ a stash of chicken scratch. BBQ if you want/ a place to keep your museum/ a branch to hold your diving board/ A shelf to encompass your shelf life.

Today I finished the 4th Volume of Square Journal Project. Here are some quotes:

"I dedicate this book to self education"

"Don't sugar tail coat your history writing books for classrooms like that"

"The man turned to me and said: "it's not easy being rich" without even knowing my name"

"Is the way you play your game an asset or a liability for your basketball team?"

"When i got to the point where I could stop telling myself things had been taken from me, and started saying that I gifted them. That's when I was able to start really living again"

"this pictures worth...???"

"You have to explore your dream of how you want the world to look. How you want the relationships of the world to work. We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how the world around us works. You are your best answer"

"strange hearted folks believe in strange hearted things"

"im not worried about action only inaction - winston churchill"

"the entrepreneur will take what seems from the outside to be a wild risk. But his high self-confidence means that it does not seem such a great risk to him. Because he believes in himself so much, he calculates the odds differently - Paul Hawken"

"The Willflower"

"effort < joy
  effort > joy
  effort = joy"

"What you didn't know is the team that beat you has been playing together since 4th grade"

"Speaking is not for me. I was actually hoping that it would be for us"

"Tell me your innermost connection. Your truism. Narrow it down to a single digit. Build a stairwell, a wishing well, and a fair well. Start from the top down, the bottom up, the inner out, the middle more, the weakest ink, the smallest pawn, the fastest gun shot wound, the last survivor. Start from the 7th sentence, the barking hound sent, the square marked one, the way your compass points, the stroke of midnight, the stroke of death, the sound of rising bread, the sound of perfect coffee, the weight of a dog sled, the call of the wild. Be baritone street knuckle rooster chest with a soft spot for a mandolin. A broken fine tooth comb set out to line up that pompadour high and mighty like you just pulled a sword out of a bricklayer. He lay there giggling his best most best selected words, telling you how to cement your life together, so that you could stand for something great."

Thursday, January 20, 2011

ll: I go to commute school :ll

Today's best Light Bulb Idea: It only takes One!

Im cruising east down hwy. 542 blasting Tribes through my stock stereo with the treble up. Yes, sometimes I drive slower or take the long way around if I want more schooling. Seth's going on about how to take a harsh review about your work. Says "one bad review is almost enough to ruin your day... Almost ruin your day." He goes on to say that the reviewer took your work seriously enough to care and to speak about it. And that means your work is doing something it supposed to be doing. Stirring. I find it strange how often I can be that exact reviewer.

It only takes one act of encouragement. When building a tribe, when your at the very beginning, and your still wondering if its gonna all work out. It's that one person who commits an act of encouragement that holds it all together. That one person is you, and a close friend, and a friends parents, and the guy who sat next to you on the plane, and the girl who held her interest to just be polite wound up swapping light bulbs with ya for the evening.  Jeezz louise how happy she felt when you left her there. To keep right on going!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Value Scale

"You don't get paid for the hour. You get paid for the value you bring to the hour." -Jim Rohn

For the value you bring to the dead conversation. 
For the value you  bring to people in a Verizon line. 
For the value you bring to positive thinking and enthusiasm. 
For the value you bring to performance off stage. 
For the value you bring to the gray weather day trips. 
For the value you bring to long car ride good byes. 
For the value you bring to the Sunday on a couch with a remote. 
For the value you bring to the bank teller having a melt down. 
For the value you bring to the person asking directions holding a map. 
For the value you bring to sleeping in or staying up late.
For the value you bring to working out and eating healthy.
For the value you bring to recognizing what you truly love to do. 
For the value you bring to listening and listening and listening and listening

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"I'm going to tell you what i tell myself"

When you recommit to your life's work. 

Keep this in mind its OK to start small and from a corner. Enjoy pealing that orange open. Even the citrus spray which makes your eyes sting. It's not going through the motions it's called a process.  What you tell yourself is crucial. Speak when you know you can be spoken through. Hold your end of the bargain up like a crafty grinned waitress in a coffee stain full of people; like a pizza delivery boy in a low ceiling room with seventy five candled chandeliers and holes in the ground; like your four years old screaming at your mom bare chested to put your favorite Iron Man 2 teeshirt on; like a fist full of moonwalk. If you are ever given the option to choose between a half empty glass, or one that's up to the brim. Say wide-eyed with surprise,  "Oh shit, i left the hose on at home." No wonder my mother encouraged me to take swimming lessons. It was not her fear of me drowning, but rather her excitement of swimming.

Its ok to have fault lines ladies and gentleman. North America was built on the back of a Sea Turtle

A good man came in earlier this week.

Told me life is mazelike. Most seek to see the blueprints. Try to figure out how to get from A to B safely, and pick up a few good things along the way. What makes an Artists brave is their courage to step inside of the maze and map what they experience. I thought about this for a while. Butted heads with it. I can see that it teaches a new way of seeing, which is usually a strong tell for a solid stone to step on. However, the maze separates the artist from from the person. When they are actually one in the same.

Which, is why I prefer a Buddy Wakefield line, "So please, stop inviting walls into wide open spaces"