if you have a gift, give it

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Writer Vs. Author / Poet + Bestseller

It's time to get specific on our craft. If you know how to use the 24 letters plus the 14 punctuation marks that make up the english language. You are a writer! Consider yourself one. Writers may write notes, letters, books, articles and literary pieces. In order to become an author, your own ideas must be published. An author is the originator of the ideas, the storyline, plot and may then choose to copywrite. 

Poetry defined by about.com is "an imaginative awareness of experience expressed through, meaning, sound and rhythmic language choices so as to evoke an emotional response. Poetry has been known to imply meter and rhyme, but this is by no means necessary. Poetry is an ancient form that has gone through numerous and drastic reinvention over time. The very nature of poetry as an authentic and individual mode of expression makes it nearly impossible to define. "

Poetry is an exercise and ultimately a practice. A great writer understands how to identify where the poetry is in the paragraph or sentence. If there is none. He decides how he is going to put it there, and where the best point of entry is. After he has made the new marks, the last decision is to see if the poetry adds or subtracts from the overall meaning. Poetry being authentic and individual by nature has the ability to change the entire course of a presentation. This is dangerous, but like fire it is awesome. One of the best uses of poetry is when it is in the role of being a connecter piece or bridge. When you take that piece out of a paragraph or sentence it can usually stand on its own. Yet, the lines are lifeless. The air is out of the body. There used to be a lake here, now its all dried up. 

It is my personal belief that if the writer does not understand "time" or "pace" and creatively put these concepts into use. The words may read like Ben Stein found some legal documents and is trying to sound out the letterhead. 

Timing is: When do we cut the other scene or topic? When is new character introduced or exit a room? When do i pop in with a punchline? When do i reiterate; without being overkill? 

Pacing has to do with engagement. It is the writers job to engage the reader not the verse visa. Poetry has beats per measure or cadence. This is not the same as meter. Think of a paragraph. At first it is too long, or too short, or too weak. You are not saying what you want to efficiently enough. Therefore it is not effective enough. You have a length in your head of how long you want it to be. Hold true to that length. Do not be satisfied with your work until you can get the information into that space. Be relentless and creative about this point. If you want great writing that is. 

Ever read a joke book with the words 101 in the title? There's two good jokes in that book the others I laugh at because how bad they are. It's sad really. 

Move me. As a reader. Call me to action. Push me to look at myself and my surroundings. Make me feel thankful. At ease. Give me piece of mind. Give me hope. Show me an open door. Prove to me it works. Tell me the trick is. Share an observation. Pull an emotional string. Prop open a button. Use your key. You are a writer. You know more about your craft, about your life, about your experience than anybody else in the universe. Use it to your advantage. 

This brings us to bestseller. It takes only one other element in order to be a to be a bestselling author. Im gonna go out on a plank here and say you need to know how to sell. Sell. Such an evil word isn't it? Only because we've all, every one of us, has seen it done in the worst and most irritating ways imaginable. Think of everything you've bought because you simply loved the idea of it. What it stood for. What it meant to you. As a person. How you kept adding value to it; even if others did not. It was yours. It influenced your mind and your life. It kept your attitude up and you wanted more of what ever it was. That book that saved your life because it was sturdy enough to puncture you and heal you at the same time. Brought you the prospective you'd been husking for. Told you how much you meant to yourself. Sold you on that idea right there and then. Your better life is not in a bottle of shampoo, but inside that beautiful mind. Each thought sprouts an idea. What does the idea sprout? You tell me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Be a Journalist

This means write down your ideas. Simple. That's all it means.

You don't have publish or print or share or edit.

Know that your building a pile of gold. And if gold isn't cool enough for you, or your not into that sort of thing. Know that your building a pile of exclamation points/ an ellipsis with orion's belt loops/ a mound of pictionary/ a stash of chicken scratch. BBQ if you want/ a place to keep your museum/ a branch to hold your diving board/ A shelf to encompass your shelf life.

Today I finished the 4th Volume of Square Journal Project. Here are some quotes:

"I dedicate this book to self education"

"Don't sugar tail coat your history writing books for classrooms like that"

"The man turned to me and said: "it's not easy being rich" without even knowing my name"

"Is the way you play your game an asset or a liability for your basketball team?"

"When i got to the point where I could stop telling myself things had been taken from me, and started saying that I gifted them. That's when I was able to start really living again"

"this pictures worth...???"

"You have to explore your dream of how you want the world to look. How you want the relationships of the world to work. We spend a lot of time trying to figure out how the world around us works. You are your best answer"

"strange hearted folks believe in strange hearted things"

"im not worried about action only inaction - winston churchill"

"the entrepreneur will take what seems from the outside to be a wild risk. But his high self-confidence means that it does not seem such a great risk to him. Because he believes in himself so much, he calculates the odds differently - Paul Hawken"

"The Willflower"

"effort < joy
  effort > joy
  effort = joy"

"What you didn't know is the team that beat you has been playing together since 4th grade"

"Speaking is not for me. I was actually hoping that it would be for us"

"Tell me your innermost connection. Your truism. Narrow it down to a single digit. Build a stairwell, a wishing well, and a fair well. Start from the top down, the bottom up, the inner out, the middle more, the weakest ink, the smallest pawn, the fastest gun shot wound, the last survivor. Start from the 7th sentence, the barking hound sent, the square marked one, the way your compass points, the stroke of midnight, the stroke of death, the sound of rising bread, the sound of perfect coffee, the weight of a dog sled, the call of the wild. Be baritone street knuckle rooster chest with a soft spot for a mandolin. A broken fine tooth comb set out to line up that pompadour high and mighty like you just pulled a sword out of a bricklayer. He lay there giggling his best most best selected words, telling you how to cement your life together, so that you could stand for something great."