if you have a gift, give it

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fish People

A sturdy 1st step is always gratitude. Align the stars.
The 2nd Pillar
The 3rd Column
The 4th Edit
The 5th Sighant
The 6th Realignment
The 7th Lucky Break
The 8th Ounce of Encouragement
The 9th Round of Excitement
Break free from expectation
There is no juggling act in the circus
Re-Established since Right Now
The tight rope wide as the summer
The lion never bit another man
Strong as ten best memories pandoras box
Side-show you are a comfort area
A landing zone with open arms
Ring of fire a warm place in my heart
Play target practice with my flame
It is bright blue, deep and round
If MC Escher had found the ocean
Dipped a paint brush the size of Texas
into its mouth and drew mountains
leading back up around and into each other
To find watercolor
A swimming hole
Introduced it to Fish People
Said, "Trust me on this one.
You're gonna wanna call this home."

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Found It

Found it. Found what I was looking for. When the sun is out I want to basketball. I fought myself. Put the computer by the window. Showed my self a stack of words I was proud of. Made a date with my desktop a promise I've made that has grown itself to sit on my shoulder swing its legs legs like a tall chair and whisper in my ear about dreaming again. I've only seen Matt three or four short times and each warmed my reason. I had no idea when I got up that it would be him today to tell me something I needed to hear. I wanted to give myself some space to listen to his anecdotes, its how I study now. Building up. The inspiration to fuel efficiency makes work feel like continuity perfect origami with stock heavy construction paper and waala. Off to safe place. The filing cabinet my heart keeps when it finds something wonderful in the poetry of language. A fisherman I have become. A miner. And a dreamer.

The other night we were eating at the bar and I was able to describe an editing process that wasn't of any use. It's when the words come out perfect the first time. I am here now. Sending post cards like salutations sun shining through the window thinking about hoop dreams and all that came before I knew them and all that is coming after. No edits here. Not needed today. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Did you know on a Thursday morning you can change lives with a smile that loud

Let's change some lives, in our lives.
Let us change some lives, in our lives.
Let's, change some lives during the course of our lives.
Change for the best and for the better.
For the better best. For one more silly smile.
For one more pun joke and tap dance. For one moon on one more night.
Till we are again standing on the cliff of the clouds with our world tipped up and our palms out.
See the shoreline swallow one more fish wave. There are no breaths left.
We breathed them all. I've breathed them all and you've breathed them all too.
All we have all we got given all we collected during our busy and bottomless days
all we hoped for all we drew in all we fell in love for.
We got those Checklist. We got those!
We got miles on our walking sticks. No grips left on the handle bars of our tread worn bicycles.
I've helped you fix your flats and you changed my chain links.
I am only as strong as my best words in my best voice.
Let me say to you cornerstone, home plate, warm bed.
"We made it!"
You help me do everything I am.
Showed me the world on its prettiest day.
I need no music I got song in my head.
It's easy to make friends with a strangers when you are glowing inside enit?
I took 10,000 pictures of 10,000 people that day.
Licked 10,000 envelopes with two words inside.
Thank You.
The message so recognizable that even when its spelled out of order you can understand it.
Thats how wonderful its meaning is. I mean that. :)
 htank oyu : aknht uoy : kthna you

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tricks of the Trade

Rate your day before it starts. Use big round numbers. Touch the sky. Walk with a purpose. "Yes" is a great answer!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Appreciate (synonyms) hold dear, care for, respect, prize, cherish, value, take account, measure, treasure, revalue, prise, send word, give notice, advise, notify, instruct, ...Conduct. Be electric with me. In your tesla coils. There is a current riding switch in your power lines getting happy like bravery. Rolling up its sleeves. Its warm inside. E = Mc Squared but all i know to matter is light.