if you have a gift, give it

if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it -if you have a gift, give it - if you have a gift, give it

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three Laws of Performance

From the final chapter.

"The essence of mastering any discipline or set of new ideas is approaching the new ideas without preconceptions seeing them from what they are by themselves and then creating from them."

"(Masters)... think from the principles of their field. This is very different than thinking about the principles."

If you want to be a better                  . Master something new. Understand the principles. Apply them.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Advice Column

In Music notes have a relationship with one another.

In Poetry Words and Phrases also have relationship with one another.

A Job Well Done could be explained as a Stronger Bond being made.

Note to note. Word to word. Person to note. Word to Person.  Person to person.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Casting Call

I often found myself thinking
And she was the color of the sun that day

Through an overcasted call
Read before a paprika booking agent

Diving into the words like a settler looking for soil
Read from her heart the sound of apple trees

A twisting plot lathered storm inside of her
This is what the script has born

Hers and hers after
We will skim water inside a colander before it drains

With our longest ladle
It is all we know about the magic she liquefies

She finds it moment to moment
And therefore is true to her

Monday, July 25, 2011

Food for Thought

I am making a poem exercise from scratch.

1. city - open the bag
2. fact - cut the words
3. quote - said it so well i never needed to write it down to remember
4. idea - hey do you want to go to the mixing bowl
5. color - don't just describe me, get to know me - are we preheated yet
6. wish - found a penny today underneath my timer
7. myth/story - seaweed hair she
8. person - brothers and sisters and friends its smelling good in here
9. body part - hands and hearts and eyes set the table
10. connection. tie back to -  where do we go from here. not that we are filled with this

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Set List

Turtle joke
Walrus Joke
Archetype Pt 1 - Green and Moon (alternate ending)
Yellow Cup
Count on me PoemSong Capo Guitar 7,2,5
Blog Poems
- Fish People into
- Did You Know on a Thursday Morning... into
- Laying Track into
- Transformation
Language is for Listeners
If You Ain't Got Love (cover) - Mason Jennings

http://cedarowl.tumblr.com/page/2 :)

Friday, July 22, 2011

New Bluesman Says

No more blues songs left to belt this belly of lead
No more loops of poison we've come past and through that part

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It's Like Riding A Bike

Its not everyday I get to run into somebody who's never used the internet. I can count the number of people i've met on one hand because of how rare it is in the places I spend my time. Introducing someone to a search engine is on the top of my list of underrated expirences. On the right of your screen there is a white rectangle with the words "Seach.Your.Self." below. I know this is rudimentary but, do you know what goes in there? ANYTHING YOU WANT

When I was 13 years old my best friend and I were filled with antisipation while waiting around joking and checking and rechecking the loading bar. And do you know what we were looking up? "Barspin BMX flatland trick how to video!"  Or "Tailwhip BMX Flatland," which is just a variation from what we previously looked up even though we had the power to look up anything we could think of. We'd watch the trick over and over and over. Then hop on our bikes ride 35 feet down the driveway into the culdisac and attempt greaness!

Bar Spin: Stand on your back pegs while maining a creeping speed. Lean back to lift the front wheel, your right hand holds the saddle of the seat while your left hand swings the handle bars 360. Catch with same left hand then lean forward to land.

Tailwhip: Much harder. Go head, put it the box! Times landed between the two of us 1.

Everyday we'd wake up and go back and forth from computer screen to culdisac. Cuputer screen to culdisac our eyes in a deep study to see if we could catch some small tecnique that we had missed. Like scientist in a testing lab we never got sick of refining, and reflecting. For a few years as boys this was our calling.

It's funny to think about now. Every single day we'd put a variation of what we had looked up the day before into that box. It's not about BMX anymore, it was figuring out how to use persistance and cuppling that with resilence that really paid off. A recipie!

So im curious. What do you type in there? And what do you do with it?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The greatest ideas of all time. Are your ideas.

The greatest tools are inside your tool box. They require your skill set.

The greatest speed is your speed. It is your time.

The greatest day is this day. This place.

You don't become great. You be great.

Becasue you are great!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Green and Moon

Listen for the future Green Grass
The Green River is only a jump skip away
Ain’t that right Grasshopper
You emerald boned key hole skin feather hair washbucket burning banjo yarn
You caddy shack smile bold fairway chest rooster
Hand me a flat iron a crumpled up heart and a hard place
stuck between a poem and spring coil Grasshopper.

There is a leap of faith somewhere in there.

On flat top trimmed roof the pigeon couriers kept a rosebush
Can you see the thorn polarity in your crow hop dance land swanmaker
Its your eyelash rising submarine light seeker
That saw glimpses of music in squirt bottles the whole sha-bang
Fresh globe growing circular like the moon sleeping naked
It’s probably why the ice caps are melting
To make room for her safe landing rest
Like the night she sung meteor showers back into the shower head
It was a polka dotted lily pad out in pond water dreaming of a surf
A mile high lap guitar for plateaus to play fringe skirt and swing
When the moon howled into a den of wolves
Then returned to the sky

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gift Idea: A Poem

Best Gift you can give a poet is a poem. One you've written.

2nd best gift a book of poems with your favorite one circled inside and a note on the inside cover.

3rd best gift. Who in their right mind would give the 3rd best gift? I mean honestly!

Side Note. If i could make a living off of selling blank journals because the poetry revival dream had been fulfilled and there was so much demand for blank space to be filled... I would.

Read this today. You should not paint over the existing painting. Your picture (vision) must start with a blank canvas! - Agreed.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Place Worth Checking Out

Location: Port Townsend, Washington

Coffee House: Better Living Through Coffee  www.bltcoffee.com

Live Music: Yes, nylon string guitar

Coffee Rating: Purple Cow

View: Waves Drift Wood Beach Sky

A questions to ask one self: (Go into this. Go full as you can. This is for you! ) 

Has the way you work on your Projects/Self/Best Idea changed over the last six months?

Yes. I work in 20 minute increments setting a small grey kitchen timer.

I can rephrase. "The Long Haul," turned into "I am unafraid of the long haul," which ended up being "I Haul for Free"

I have discovered working in multiple speeds. Slow Motion, Casual and Comfortable, and Performance or Best In the World

I have uncovered that environment can enhance ability to create. Uncomfortable environment has become an opportunity for the mind to sharpen focus.

Inspiration always leads to action.

There are many ways to skin a book.

Reading out loud to someone is top notch rewarding. I recommend and encourage it!

Reading the same book with someone who live across the country causes closeness. Who woulda thought?

If you need a great idea. Let one come to you. Ps. There are hot spots!

Never, Ever, Not Ever Don't do it... Let the opportunity to share gratitude pass you by!

Dear friends and family,

Thank you for sharing this blog with someone close to you because it has moved you in some small way. A shift in yourself is worth 10,000 skips mirror pond won the rock contest and made "Bolder, Colorado" feel buoyant for a second. Life, the greatest gift on earth with free shipping. It's what we do here!



Friday, July 15, 2011

Heart of Gold

There are Two ways to Dig for gold. Go in your back yard with your snow shovel and 49ers Jersey and start Whomping into the ground.


Sit down with your notebook draw the future do not stop till you hit your focal point, if you do not hit your focal point. DO NOT STOP!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


A) Net Worth = Self Worth
B) Fishing Works = (2Discovery) = Self x (8 Sideways) = Infinity
C) Fisherman = Learnerman = Self  / Self = h(om)e
D.) 2Fish / Sea = Man + Woman / (Discovery)  = Child
E.) Child > School = (Learnerman  x 100% Self)
F.) Child / ( Man / Woman) > Discovery
H.) Sea = People = Cyclists
I.) All of the Above

Circle what you like :)
        Yes, that is a metaphor.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Language is For Listeners

Usually I collect the sea
I woke up in a quiet room big windows in a long house
Every time I cross pastures with a field surrounded by trees I get goosebumps
I have a standoff with the open spaces
Where the North Forest opens up into her meadow you will find me
For a long time I stand on her outskirt
Then walk to somewhere out in the center
Take my look up and around try to see back through and into the forest wall
From a pinpoint I slow spin like lazysuzan passing the salt shaker
Polite to use what I am taking in

After I've tossed the sea over my shoulder in a burlap sack
I walk into the forest where the trails stretch on like a galaxy act
I trade stories with her
A footprint for a footprint
A hand print for a smile
A smile for a smile we laugh together a good listener that giant

But when i hit the open air
Stop in my tracks
Quit showing off my sea and my stories of "over there"
I can finally remember what it feels like to arrive
A good trail in a forest will have a look out point or the place I'm talking about
The best listeners in the the world have stood in this spot
It's why its quiet here

There is a rule of thumb: I've heard it on a broken record 
"Give full moon attention to receive full moon attention"

The real secret is this: The forest is always giving it's full attention to you. All you need to do is ask. Put it out there in the open. Even when it doesn't feel right the forest will find a way to slow you down so it can speak to you. Be your best listener. Finding a thought that feels like "Yes!" is important. Often times the subtle adjustment is all that is needed  in order to keep your focus.

If you have a Gift, Give it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

MEMORY IS FUTURE CREATIVITY - learn to draw upon and from your beautiful mind

Read this: Moon Walking with Einstein. Read the first page if that raises your pompadour you picked the right honey.comb.tooth today!

Follow up reads: Your Memory How It Works and How To Improve It by Kenneth L. Higbee. I am still on the first few pages this is what has come of it so far.  "When someone says I want to improve my blank. He can not be given a useful answer until he makes his question more specific."

Improve my Improve.
Improve my Friendship.
Improve my Free Time.
Improve my Down Time.
Improve my Excitement.
Improve my Solitude.
Improve my Counter Culture.
Improve my High Note.
Improve my Ankle Support.
Improve my Asking.
Improve my Unlocking.
Improve my Resilience.
Improve my Creativity.
Improve my Memory.

fill your blank

A Prequel: Use Both Side of Your Brain - Tony Buzan (mind mapping)

On Deck: ThinkerToys

A Goal: Sustained Creativity

Believable: Yes of Course!

Monday, July 11, 2011

KEEP WRITING POET. i am here to cheer you on.

Write poems be your poet. Call it metaphor never mediocre or what have you. Never came back to drifters and a cool breeze. Always better a wind breaker to put back before going outside prepared for sunshine. Sunday- the day of sun. East facing entrance, always east. Into the rising of a dehydrated dark curtain I can call it something better than that. Its makes since to me. Drop being polar opposites and enjoy yourself in odd situations often enough to gain inner-ance. Effort is a great key to have on your ring janitor. There is an engine no motor oil but its slick like that nightingale. By the time you hit REM your RPMs will be purring.